Our visit with Seegene partners.

This month, we went to South Korea to meet up with our awesome partners at Seegene Inc, ending this year on a high note.

During our meeting, which took place in a room with Hae Jung, the general manager of the OEM & Equipment Procurement Team, Hyunhee Kim, the associate manager of the Strategic Purchasing Team, and their colleague, we delved into the issues faced by our customers and the latest market trends. We had many brainstorming ideas to improve our user experience. Our ultimate goal is always to make our users happy and continually find ways to improve.

This meeting not only made our connection with Seegene stronger but also got us ready for more great teamwork in the new year. Our focus is all about understanding what users need, tweaking our products, and giving our customers the absolute best service. It’s all about our users and maintaining a solid partnership with Seegene. The future looks bright and we’re ready to handle challenges and share victories together.