Self-standing 50mL conical centrifuge tube

It’s time to save money on racks!

  • The Self-standing skirt could help tube standing at any flat surface, researchers don’t need to buy any racks, so they could save cost.
  • It’s made of original polypropylene (PP), the maximum RPM of it could reach 9,200.
  • The range of graduation is from 5.0mL to 50mL, its bigger white writing area for researchers to remark more conveniently.
  • Different color of cap is available, researchers could distinguish different sample inside easily.
Self standing 50mL centrifugation tube
  • Cat.# SCTB50, Resealable bag, 25PCS/bag, 20bags/Carton (25 x 20/carton, totally 500PCS/Carton).

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