50ml Conical Bottom Self-Standing Centrifuge Tube

It’s time to save money on racks!

Made from virgin polypropylene (PP), these self-standing centrifuge tubes can withstand a maximum of 9,200 RPM. The self-standing skirt allows you to place these tubes on any flat surface. Thus, you don’t have to spend money on buying tube racks. 

These self-standing centrifuge tubes have standard graduation ranging from 5.0ml to 50ml. The relatively large white area also makes it easier to add remarks to the tubes.

Self standing 50mL centrifugation tube

For easier identification, the tubes are available with different colored caps.

  • Cat.# SCTB50 Resealable Bag – 25PCS/bag, 20bags/Carton (25 x 20/carton, total 500PCS/Carton).

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