15mL centrifuge tubes

We spotted some challenges in how users were handling it, so we took their feedback to heart and updated the previous plastic tube to better suit their preferences.

Take a look at the upgraded features:

  1. Increased graduations at the conical bottom for more precise measurements.
  2. Enjoy a larger, frosted-printing writing area, ensuring effortless notetaking.
  3. Thicker ribs extend to the lid’s edge, simplifying one-handed lid operation for added convenience.
  4. Improved readability with black graduations for easier measurement interpretation.
  5. These high speed centrifuge tubes can withstand a maximum centripetal force of 12,000g without damage or deformation.
15mL centrifuge tube
15mL centrifuge tube

Available Packaging:

BAGGED: Cat.# B-CTB15YE – 25 PCS/Bag, 20 Bags/Case.

FOAM RACKED: Cat.# B-CTF15YE – 50PCS/Rack, 10 Racks/Case.

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