15mL centrifuge tubes

15mL centrifuge tube

Package: Bagged and Racked.

Made from specialized virgin polypropylene (PP), these centrifuge tubes can withstand a maximum of 12,000 RPM. The typical range for graduation is from 2.0ml to 15ml. However, customized graduation is also available.

Currently, these 15 ml polypropylene tubes are available in two types of packaging. 

  • Cat.# CTB15YE Resealable Bag  25PCS/bag, 20bags/Carton (25 x 20/carton, total 500PCS/Carton).
  • Cat.# CTF15YE Foam Rack – 50PCS/rack, 10racks/Carton (50 x 10/carton, total 500PCS/Carton).

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