Dear customers, here we would like to make a brief introduction how to begin OEM for your private brand. According to our experience, base on the requirement for OEM, basicly, there are 2 levels: Light one and Heavy one. Let’s call it PLAN L and PLAN H.

Plan L

  • Minimum Order Amount: US$5000.00
  • Extra Charge: Very cheap, around US$200.00.
  • Label: Customized
  • Inner Package: Neutral
  • Outer Carton: Neutral
  • Packing Quantity Per Unit: Default
  • Color of Products: Default

Plan H

  • Minimum Order Amount: US$20,000.00
  • Extra Charge: Depends on details of requirement.
  • Label: Customized
  • Inner Package: Customized
  • Outer Carton: Customized
  • Packing Quantity Per Unit: Customized.
  • Color of Products: Customized.

To help you to understand, here is more details for the names in the plan, hope it helps:

  1. Minimum Order Amount: The total amount of the first order needs to reach, the amount here is for purchasing products, not for any other charges.
  2. Extra Charge: The charge would be spent for OEM requirements, usually for private package material.
  3. Label: The sticker that introduce the product, usually, it’s description for product, it may include the name of product, specifications, packing quantity, catalog number, lot number and expire date. The label will be used on both inner package and outer carton.
  4. Inner Package: the package inside the outer carton, it would be bags or boxes. So we call it inner bag or inner box. Usually, it’s the package that contain products directly. So the retailer would sell product with the inner package.
  5. Outer Carton: It’s for shipping use, protect products without damaged. Usually, will be stacked on pallets.
  6. Packing Quantity Per Unit: The quantity that packed in the inner package, for example, “1000 PCS/Inner bag”, then “1000 PCS” is the packing quantity per unit. If it’s fault, then it means it’s the quantity of GenFollower’s standard.
  7. Color of Products: It means the product’s color, such as blue, orange, red and etc. If it’s fault, then it means the color of GenFollower’s standard.

Certainly, if you think PLAN L is too simple and PLAN H is too complicated, your requirements is between L and H. Or your requirements are more complicated than H. Please don’t worry, just contact us! our sales person will help you as soon as possible!