GenFollower OEM Services

With nearly a decade of experience in the plastic labware manufacturing sector, GenFollower is one of the best OEM solutions providers in China. We offer cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality OEM products to our clients across the globe. 

Currently, GenFollower offers two types of OEM contracts, including PLAN L and PLAN H.

Plan L

  • Minimum Order Amount: $5,000.00
  • Extra Charge: Remarkably affordable, approximately $200.00
  • Label: Customized
  • Inner Package: Neutral
  • Outer Carton: Neutral
  • Packing Quantity Per Unit: Default
  • Color of Products: Default

Plan H

  • Minimum Order Amount : $20,000.00 (May be different if great variety of items).
  • Extra Charge: As per your requirement
  • Label: Customized
  • Inner Package: Customized
  • Outer Carton: Customized
  • Packing Quantity Per Unit: Customized.
  • Color of Products: Customized.

OEM Plan Details:

Here are the details of both plans that will help you get a better idea of our OEM contract manufacturing. 

  1. Minimum Order Amount: It is the total amount your first order needs to reach. The amount here is for purchasing products. It includes no other costs.
  2. Extra Charge: This is the cost of OEM contract requirements such as private-label package material.
  3. Label: The sticker offers a brief description of your product. It may include your brand name, product name, technical specifications, number of units, catalog number, lot number, and expiry date. We provide labels on both the inner package and outer carton.
  4. Inner Package: It is the package inside the carton. Depending on the product, we provide bags or boxes for this packaging. Usually, it contains the products. Retailers can sell an individual product wrapped in the inner package.
  5. Outer Carton: Designed for shipping, it protects your products from physical damage during transport. Usually, you can stack it on pallets.
  6. Packing Quantity per Unit: It is the quantity of the product inside the inner package. For example, if the label says “1000 PCS/Inner bag”, then you have 1000 products per unit. While the default quantity is as per our packaging standards, GenFollower also offers customized packaging.
  7. Color of Products: It means the product’s color, such as blue, orange, and red, among others. Just like the packaging, we also offer default and customized colors.

If your requirement is more complicated than Plan H or if you think Plan is too simple, we can offer you completely customized OEM solutions. Contact our sales team for further details.