Blu-ray Gel Cutting Apparatus

To provide a better solution for the laboratories, Genfollower brings you a new Blu-ray gel cutting apparatus to expand your laboratory bench-top equipment.

This apparatus is a lightweight replacement of the traditional UV transmission instrument, applied in clearly observing and cutting the nucleic acid in the dyeing gel. The machine adopts world-class LED blue lights with long life, and creatively adds adjustable light intensity function to ensure the moderate brightness of the strip to the maximum extent, helping to protect your eyes and take a clear picture of the experimental results.

Key features:

  • Blue light protects users from exposure to UV damage but no damage to DNA fragments.
  • The selected optical grade shortwave cut-off filter can filter blue light efficiently.
  • 108 pieces of world-class LED lights with high luminance, high sensitivity and good homogeneity, suitable for dyes EB, GelRed, GelGreen, etc.
  • Selected wear-resistant and scratch-resistant bottom plate.
  • The brightness can be adjusted by the brightness adjustment knob.


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What Is Blu-ray Gel Cutting Apparatus Used For?

Blu-ray gel cutting apparatus is used to clearly observe and cut the nucleic acid in the stained gel, replacing the traditional ultraviolet transmission instrument.