Pipette Tips

Highlights of our Universal Pipette Tips:

  • Most popular OEM products in the past 10 years!
  • 121°C autoclave sterile available!
  • Excellent compatibility with pipettes of Eppendorf, Gilson, Biohit, RAININ, Finpipette and etc.

Now, 3 packing of GenFollower tips are available for selling: 

  • Bagged tips, the tips are packed in a resealable plastic bag, usually researchers need to buy rack to use separately, not very convenient, but very economical.
  • Racked tips, 96 pieces of tips are put in a plastic box. It’s the most convenient packaging for researchers to use.
  • Refill tips system, some researchers may call it Reload tips system. It’s also convenient to use and save much freight on shipping. Now it’s the most popular tips for our customers overseas.
5mL pipette tip eppendorf

5mL pipette tip small

More details:

As being pipette tips manufacturer in China for more than decades, GenFollower has 30 year experience in molding and 11 year experience in manufacturing micropipette tips. Currently, there are 8 sizes of pipette tips available for supplying, they are 10uL, 200uL, 250uL (or called long 200ul tip), 300uL, 1000uL (could hold up to 1250uL) , 1250uL (could hold up to 1500uL) , 5mL (For eppendorf only) and 10mL (For eppendorf only). All material of pipette tips are special virgin polypropylene, they could be autoclavable up to 121°C.

If you are sourcing for laboratory pipette tips now, we would like to let you know we were insisting on decreasing the pipette tips cost during past 11 years, so no matter you would buy pipette tips in bulk or not. now the pipette tips price of any quantity is very competitive, please feel free to let us know if you need quotation.

Here we would like to let you know other features of GenFollower tips:

Graduation, when researchers using adjustable pipettor, they could estimate the volume simply.
Low retention, help researchers saving precious sample.
Micropoint, make the liquid be where that the researcher exactly need them to be.
Long reach design, end of tip could touch the bottom of tube easily so that pipettor will less touch tube.

Even More info about Pipette Tips:

1.What Are Pipette Tips?
Pipette tips are used in chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories with pipettes and pipettors to accelerate processing and lower the likelihood of cross-contamination.
They are disposable, autoclavable attachments, usually used as media dispensers to transfer specific volumes of liquid.

2. Are Pipette Tips Reusable?
Pipette tips can be reused when dispensing the same reagent. Their reuse also depends on the following:
a) The quality of the tips
b) The type of material you are pipetting
c) The cleaning method you are using