Your Best Universal Pipette Tips Manufacturer in China

As a leading universal pipette tips manufacturer, GenFollower has always prioritized environmental protection. Therefore, we are proud to introduce the E-series products. You can get these high-quality and cost-effective products from us. Moreover, we provide custom-made solutions to meet your specific tips needs.

  • Various sizes of pipette tips: from 10uL to 1250uL.

  • Excellent Universal Compatibility: Compatible with Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo, CAPP, BRAND, Dlab, etc.

  • Passed multiple certifications, such as ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, and holds various patents.

  • Lighter, thinner, and more environmentally friendly: -20% plastic usage.

  • Providing customized products, such as double-level filters, self-sealed filters, etc.

  • Touch-free production procedures: products are free from RNase, DNase ATP and pyrogen.

ECO-friendly pipette tips.

Eco-Friendly Pipet Tips

The E series universal pipette tips have got a fresh design in both the tips and racks. Take the 200uL pipette tip, for instance – it’s approximately 20% lighter than competing brands. We’ve even revamped the wafer design, making the 1000uL wafer at just 1.5mm thick, lighter than others out there. And here’s the icing on the cake: We offer refillable products, so you can reuse those empty racks and do your part in cutting down on plastic waste. Let’s embrace green together!


Learn how to use our universal pipette tips in these videos.

Why opt for universal pipette tips manufactured by us?

Superb Low retention performance

To save valuable reagents and improve accuracy, we introduce the E-Series universal pipette tips. With its increased number of cavities and automatic filling process, you can use cost-effective and best-in-class performance low-retention pipette tips without compromising quality.

Autoclavable Assurance

Our E series Pipette tips without filters and their accompanying racks can undergo sterilization with hot steam at 121°C in an autoclave. This makes them truly autoclavable pipette tips, ensuring reliable sterilization for your laboratory needs.

Autoclavable pipette tip.
Pipette tips compatible with pipettors.

Excellent Compatibility

We’ve manufactured universal pipette tips to be seamless compatibility with popular manual pipette brands like Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo, CAPP, BRAND, Dlab, and others. Optimized entrance structure and wall thickness ensure smooth compatibility. Plus, loading is easier for multichannel pipettors with a height difference next to the rack’s wafer.

SBS Standard Footprint

We supply manual liquid handling workstations designed for high-throughput screening, featuring an SBS footprint. Our pipette tip racks can be well-compatible with the station without requiring any additional adapters.

Pipette tip rack with SBS footprint.

Enhanced Precision with 3 New Designs

Thin entrance for tips.
Pipette tips with more graduations.
Small bore pipette tips.

a. Enhanced Fit: We’ve enhanced our universal pipette tips by thinning the entrance wall, allowing for flexible fitting on various pipettes and improving overall compatibility.

b. Increased Graduations: Responding to researchers’ preference for graduated pipette tips, we have added more graduations to our tips, making it easier to accurately and conveniently measure sample volumes.

c. Micro Point Precision: Our latest design features a smaller orifice for a true micro point, ensuring finer control and accuracy during liquid handling, meeting the demand for precision in your work.

Tip Rack and packages of Universal Pipette tips

Rack is easy to open.

One-Handed Opening

Our uniquely designed lid lock ensures effortless operation with just one hand. Simply give it a gentle press, and the lid unlocks smoothly, making it easy to use. This feature is particularly convenient for female researchers and individuals who are occupied with their other hand.

Lid Ease

Our detachable lid offers simple operation. Just press down gently, like clicking a mouse, to remove it. Align the holes and press to reinstall it. This removable lid feature ensures smooth usage for your pipetting station or refillable tips, simplifying your lab tasks.

Versatile Packaging for Different Needs

We provide a range of cost-effective packaging options for your laboratory, such as racked pipette tips, pipette tip refill systems, single-wafer refill packs, and bagged pipette tips. You can choose the option that fits your needs best.

Notably, our E series reduces the quantity per pack to 5 racks instead of the standard 10, catering to labs with lower tip consumption, and providing a more convenient option for specific needs.

Production capability, leading time and others about your goods…

Manufacturing pipette tips.

Robust Production capability

Thanks to automation, we’ve increased our universal pipette tip production capacity, ensuring a steady supply to meet your needs. Plus, we can make 6,750,000 pieces of each size every month.

Cargo delivery.

Swift Leading Time

The leading time varies based on your order size. For small quantities, we’re typically ready for delivery within 7 weekdays. For exact timing, feel free to get in touch.

Using pallet for delivery.

Careful Delivery

We prioritize your convenience when delivering goods, typically using pallets for safe transportation, ensuring your products arrive in excellent condition. See the attached picture for details.

PP material.

Top-Quality Materials

We know good materials matter for manufacturing universal pipette tips. That’s why at GenFollower, we use top-notch polypropylene from abroad, especially for our products made in Germany. With our materials, expect better results in your experiments.


The 1st patent of pipette tips.
The 2nd patent of pipette tips.
The 3rd patent of pipette tips.