Gel-loading Pipette Tips

Take a look at these special long pipette tips. The longer and thinner tip ends are soft and flexible, protecting the gel. You can easily load a tiny 1-microliter sample accurately. It’s simple to add your samples at the bottom of the well without any risk of contamination between wells.


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More info about Gel-loading Pipette Tips:

1. What Are Gel-loading Pipette Tips?

A gel-loading tip is a special pipette tip used to carefully add samples, like DNA or proteins, into the wells of a gel during experiments called gel electrophoresis. It helps scientists separate and analyze these molecules based on their size and charge.

2. What Are They Used For?

These tips are great for loading samples in things like SDS-PAGE, agarose gel, 2-D electrophoresis, and they work especially well with plastic precast gels used in protein electrophoresis.