New 5mL and 10mL pipette tips for LTS pipettes.

In an update for lab professionals, we have unveiled our latest 5ml and 10ml pipette tips that are seamlessly compatible with Rainin LTS single and multi-channel pipettors. Specifically designed for users of LTS pipettors dealing with high-volume sample handling, these new tips promise enhanced convenience and precision.

Crafted from medical-grade polypropylene (PP), these transparent tips offer a clear view of the sample volume with easily readable graduations, ensuring accurate pipetting. Manufactured in a cleanroom and subjected to sterilization, the tips are safeguarded against any potential sample contamination.

Our offering includes low retention tips designed to minimize sample loss during pipetting, ensuring a more exact liquid transfer and distribution. Collectively, these features position our new pipette tips as a trustworthy choice for professionals who prioritize accuracy and efficiency in their laboratory endeavors.

For more details, please visit the LTS-compatible tips product page or directly Contact Us.