180mm Long Plastic Cell Lifters with 18.5mm Blade

We offer you 180mm long plastic cell lifters with an 18mm blade specially designed for tissue culture harvesting from flasks, plates, or dishes in western or enzyme assays. The unique design allows you to remove cells gently without causing any damage. This is an economical and reusable plastic labware from GenFollower. 

Technical Features:

  • Pre-sterilized with gamma irradiation. 
  • Free of DNA, DNase, RNase, and endotoxins (pyrogens).
  • Reusable and autoclavable at 121ºC.
  • The angled and chiseled blade facilitates easy cleaning. 
  • Made from virgin polypropylene offers good chemical resistance. 
Plastic cell lifter, 180mm in length, blade 18.5mm in width

Available Packaging:

Cat.#CD00018 – 400 PCS/Case (100 PCS/Bag, 4 Bags/Case), case size – 50cm X 41.5cm C 16.5cm, weight per case – 4.20 Kgs

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