Robotic Tips

Robotic Tips for TECAN Liquid Handling Systems

GenFollower supplies good quality robotic tips for liquid handling and flexible channel arms designed for TECAN liquid handling systems. They are available in 96 tips or 384 tips per rack packaging. 

More info about Robotic Tips:

What Are Robotic Tips?

Automatic workstations like TECAN need robotic pipette tips for optimal liquid transfers. You can deliver the smallest sample volumes with the highest precision using these robotic tips. That, in turn, helps minimize experiment failures and improve efficiency. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Available in pre-sterilized packaging. 
  • Universally compatible design. 
  • Confers to international quality standards. 
  • Available in a variety of tip volumes.
  • Designed to handle DNA, RNA, radioactive, and infectious samples.
  • Stringent and thorough quality testing.

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