0.2ml 96 Well ELISA Micro Plates with Detachable 8 X 12 Strips, C-Bottom

These ELISA 96 well plates are specially designed for quantitative and qualitative enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. You can use them with any of the leading ELISA machine brands. Every 8-tube strip is detachable. GenFollower has a manufacturing facility conferring to the Class 100,000 cleanroom conditions.

Technical Features:

  • Made from Polystyrene (PS). 
  • Conforms to the SBS/ ANSI standards. 
  • Suitable for cell culture, fluorescence, luminescence, ELISA, and homogeneous assays.
  • Works with leading automated ELISA systems. 
  • Uniform well and strip thickness.
  • Completely free of DNase, RNase, human DNA, heavy metals, and endotoxins.
  • Fully autoclavable at 121°C. 

Available Packaging:

Cat.# EP00001H (High Binding) – 10 PCS /Bag, 10 Bags/Case.

Cat.# EP00001M (Middle Binding) – 10 PCS /Bag, 10 Bags/Case.

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