50mL Centrifuge Tube, Self-Standing, Eight-sided Skirt

Discover these versatile centrifuge tubes designed for different centrifuge modules. This lab tube can handle a spinning speed of up to 12,000g, making it an excellent choice for high-speed centrifugation.

Here’s the fantastic features:

  1. Self-standing tube with an eight-sided skirt.
  2. Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, these large centrifuge tubes are autoclavable, designed to endure both high temperatures and pressures.
  3. The easily readable black graduations ensure accurate capacity readings, guaranteeing precision in your experiments.
  4. Sample identification is facilitated by the frosted white writing area, allowing for methodical and clear marking.
  5. Pre-sterilized tubes, free from Dnase, Ranse, and pyrogens.
50mL centrifuge tube, selfstanding, front.
50mL centrifuge tube, selfstanding, side.

Available Packaging:

BAGGED: Cat.# B-SCTB50YE – 25 PCS/Bag, 20 Bags/Case.

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