200uL gel-loading pipette tip

Different from standard tips, these 200uL gel-loading tips are designed for most gel electrophoresis tests. The extended tip design is suitable for agarose gel and protein gel loading operation. Soft tip, no damage to gel, allows you to experiment without worry.

Technical Features:

  • Round gel-loading tip.
  • Easy and precise load for 1uL sample.
  • Fit most popular single and multi-channel pipettors, except Rainin LTS and Thermo Clip-Tip.
  • Applications include sample loading for SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, agarose gel electrophoresis, 2-D electrophoresis, etc.
  • Made of medical PP, Free of RNase, DNase, DNA, and pyrogens.
200uL gel loading tips, 1.
200uL gel loading tips, 2.
200uL gel loading tips, 3.
200uL gel loading tips, 4.

Available Packaging:

RACKED: Cat.# GTR200-S – 96 tips/rack, 10 racks/pack, 5 packs/carton (96x10x5/carton, total 4,800 tips/carton).

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