Large Volume Pipette Tips

Discover precision in liquid handling with our large volume pipette tips, made from medical-grade polypropylene material. Featuring high transparency and large volume, these tips have clear graduations for accurate pipetting in laboratory applications. They are compatible with popular macro pipettes such as Dalong, Brand, Gilson, Eppendorf, and more. Choose the one that suits your favorite pipette for easy and precise lab work.

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More info about Large Volume Pipette Tips:

1. What are large volume pipette tips?

Also known as macro tips, they are specially made to deal with lots of liquid, also called big volume pipette tips. These tips can hold more than regular ones, and they’re great for moving around big amounts of liquids.

2. Where do people use these large volume tips?

They come in handy for tasks that involve handling a lot of liquid, like working with cell cultures, purifying proteins, and in situations where you need to efficiently manage a lot of liquid, especially in high-throughput applications.