Adjustable Plastic Cell Scrapers and Lifters

GenFollower is known for precision manufacturing plastic cell scrapers and lifters designed for a wide range of laboratory applications.


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More info about Plastic cell scrapers and lifters:

What Are Plastic Cell Scrapers & Lifters?

Plastic cell scrapers, also called as mini cell scrapers, can help you collect cells from tissue culture flasks, Petri dishes, and plates. They usually come with a swiveling blade that you can move horizontally and vertically while causing minimal damage to the cells.

With plastic cell lifters, you can harvest cell cultures without compromising their viability. The pivoting blade ensures precise contact with the growth area but causes minimal cell damage. You can remove all cell layers efficiently. 

Technical Features:

  • We use PP to make the handle of a small plastic scraper while the blades are made using TPE. 
  • You can move the blade at a free angle, making it easier to reach all corners of the flask or a Petri dish. 
  • The cell lifters are made of polypropylene.
  • They are nonpyrogenic and free of DNase, RNase, radioactive chemicals, and human DNA.