Silicone Sealing Mats

We have great sealing mats for 96-well plates. It seals perfectly, so there’s no leaking or contamination between the wells, ensuring accurate results. Made from silicone and sterilized multiple times, you can confidently use the deep well plate for your next lab tasks.


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More info about Sealing Mats:

1. What are sealing mats?

These silicone sealing mats fit securely on top of deep well plates and are used to create a tight seal, preventing the contents of each well from contamination, evaporation, or spillage. They help protect the sample from external factors and ensure the integrity of the experiment or analysis.

2. What do sealing mats do?

They help keep things clean, stop liquids from drying out, protect samples, keep things sterile, and ensure safe storage in the lab.