Pre-Sterilized Disposable Plastic Pasteur Pipettes

After years of research, GenFollower has developed a molding technology that uses only high-quality LDPE. We make each plastic Pasteur pipette in the medical class workshop.


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Even More info about Pasteur Pipettes:

What Are Plastic Pasteur Pipettes?

Named after French scientist, Louis Pasteur, these tubes have a tapered narrow point at one end with a rubber bulb at the other. Traditionally, Pasteur pipettes are made from glass. 

However, in recent years, pre-sterilized disposable plastic Pasteur pipettes have fast become popular. You can use these plastic Pasteur pipettes to transfer small quantities of liquids while preventing cross-contamination.

Technical Specifications:

  • Graduated.
  • Disposable. 
  • Pre-sterilized.
  • Cost-effective. 

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