Spin Columns

Spin Columns Designed for Quick and Safe Transfer

GenFollower is one of the leading suppliers of excellent quality DNA spin columns. Spin columns facilitate rapid nucleic acid purification in most molecular and biochemical applications.

Currently, we supply purification spin columns of only 0.8ml size. Each spin column has the same capacity. However, they have different filters. Different filter materials allow you to perform various biological applications. 

Technical Features:

  • Available in three types of filters: PE, Silicon, and Glass. 
  • Each filter comes with different bore sizes such as two, three, four, six, and eight layers.
  • These mini spin columns are useful for samples, including E Coli, agarose gel/PCR products, serum plasma, tissue, and whole blood.
  • With the right filter, you can extract various DNAs, including Plasmid DNA, DNA fragments, Viral DNA/RNA, and Genomic DNA
PE filter spin column

PE filter

2 layers glass filter

3 layers glass filter

3 layers silicon filter spin column

3 layers silicon filter

4 layers glass filter spin column

4 layers glass filter

4 layers silicon filter

6 layers silicon filter

8 layers silicon filter spin column

8 layers silicon filter

Spin column for 50mL centrifuge tube

Spin column for 50mL tube

More info about Spin Columns:

What Are Spin Columns?

Spin columns allow commercial DNA extraction in molecular biology laboratories. They comprise a silica resin that selectively binds DNA or RNA depending on the factors involved in the extraction method. As a result, you are left with high-quality material for cloning and long-range sequencing.