Spin Columns

Currently, we just supply 1 size of these purification spin columns: 0.8mL. The same capacity for every spin column, just the filter is different. When the filters with different materials, it could meet different bio applications. Currently, we have 3 kinds of filters: PE, Silicon and Glass. Besides, with different layers of same material, the filter will have different bore size, such as 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 layers.

The sample that could use our spin columns: E Coli, Agarose gel / PCR products, serum Plasma, Tissue and Whole blood. Please choose right columns for different target: Plasmid DNA, DNA fragment, Virial DNA/RNA and Genomic DNA

PE filter spin column

PE filter

2 layers glass filter

3 layers glass filter

3 layers silicon filter spin column

3 layers silicon filter

4 layers glass filter spin column

4 layers glass filter

4 layers silicon filter

6 layers silicon filter

8 layers silicon filter spin column

8 layers silicon filter

Spin column for 50mL centrifuge tube

Spin column for 50mL tube

More info about Spin Columns:

What Are Spin Columns?

Spin columns enable commercial DNA extraction in molecular biology laboratories. They comprise a silica resin that selectively binds DNA or RNA based on the factors involved in the extraction method. As a result, you’re left with a high-quality material for cloning and long-range sequencing.