Cryo Tubes

Good Quality Polypropylene Cryo Tubes

Made from virgin polypropylene, we offer cryogenic vials with both internal as well as external threading. Both types of cryo tubes have 2.0ml volume. 

Each cryogenic tube is equipped with O-ring made from medical class silicon. It offers leak proof sealing. These cryovials can work very well in the temperatures ranging from 121°C to -196°C. 

Both tubes are self-standing but have a conical bottom. They also come with different colored caps for easier identification. 

Complete Volume Range: 1.0mL, 2.0mL, 2.8mL, 3.6mL, and 5.0mL. Available in the round bottom and self-standing conical bottom shapes.



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More details:

GenFollower cryogenic vails are made of virgin PP, now 2 types of tube are available for selling, both volume is 2.0ml, but one is internal style, the other is external style.

Every cryogenic tube is equipped with seal ring, they could work very well when temperature is from 121°C down to -196°C. Both 2 types of tubes are self standing, but conical bottom. Moreover, we are supplying cap with different color, so you could have more chance to choose, please kindly see below table to find the right one.

Even More info about Cryo Tubes:

What Are Cryo Tubes?

Cyro tubes are storage tubes that help protect and organize valuable samples, as well as streamline the sample identification process. They can be used for storing human or animal cells, and biological material at temperatures as low as -196°C. These tubes are best stored in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.