ELISA Plates

Detachable design

Nowadays, the ELISA plates uses is very common, so we entered this filed several years ago. Currently, we are supplying detachable ELISA micro plates only, the material of frame is ABS and the tube strips are made of GPPS.

Every micro well plate is with the standard SBS footprint, could smoothly work with different brand of ELISA machines. With detachable feature, even researchers buy the ELISA plates at the same price, researchers would save a lot during using it. It could decrease the cost of your testing for enzyme linked immunosorbent assay. 8 tube strips or 12 tube strips detachable available for supplying. Also, there are 3 different level for binding:

  • High binding
  • Middle Binding
  • Common

More info about ELISA Plates:

What Are ELISA Plates?

ELISA plates are commonly used in laboratories where procedures need to be carried out on multiple samples at once. They are used to study protein mixtures or confirm the presence of the target protein. They are also used for analyzing blood samples due to their sensitivity to low abundance proteins. ELISA plates are typically prepared with reagents to ensure optimum protein binding.