Detachable Elisa Plates

Detachable design

In recent years, the use of ELISA plates has become increasingly common. However, GenFollower has been manufacturing these high binding ELISA plates for several years. Currently, we supply only detachable ELISA microplates. 

Each ELISA 96 well plate confers to the SBS standards. You can use these plates with different brands of ELISA machines. While we use ABS to make the frame, the tube strips are made from GPPS. The detachable design helps researchers save a considerable amount of money by decreasing the costs of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. 

We make two types of detachable ELISA microplates one with eight tube strips and another with 12 tube strips. It also offers three different levels for binding, including high binding and middle binding.


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More info about ELISA Plates:

What Are ELISA Plates?

Researchers often use ELISA plates to detect and quantify target biochemical substances such as peptides, proteins, antibodies, and hormones. The most common application is the blood sample analysis, especially to detect low abundance proteins. ELISA plates are typically made with reagents to ensure optimum protein binding.