0.5/0.65/0.7/0.8mL Screw Cap Microtubes with Separate Cap, Self-standing, Series 2

These self-standing 0.7ml screw cap microtubes from GenFollower allow you to easily store, transfer, and archive liquid samples. The silicon O-ring ensures tight sealing, preventing potential contamination. They are made from 100% virgin polypropylene.

Technical Features:

  • Autoclavable at 121 °C.
  • Suitable for Cold Storage temperature range of -80°C to +95°C.
  • Self-standing skirted conical bottom.
  • Designed for single-hand operation.
  • Durable design with a silicon O-ring for leak-proof handling. 
  • Externally threaded tubes.
  • Natural color.
  • RNA, DNA, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and ATP-free.
Self-standing 0.7mL screw cap micro tube

Available Packaging:

Screw On Cap: Cat.#WG60008 – 1000 PCS/Case (50 PCS/Bag, 20 Bags/Case), size – 38cm X 31cm X 16cm, weight – 2.52 Kgs.

Not Screw On Cap: Cat.#WG00008 – 5000 PCS/Case (500 PCS/Bag, 10 Bags/Case), size – 50cm X 30cm X 40cm, weight – 10.60 Kgs.

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