Wide Bore Pipette Tips

Wide-bore pipette tips are your trusty lab companions, adept at handling dense liquids such as gels and oils. These specialized tips seamlessly pair with popular pipettes, boasting sterility and enzyme-free features to guarantee smooth daily sample processing in the laboratory.

Wide bore pipette tips 200uL and 1000uL.


Catalogue of wide bore pipette tips.
Datasheet document of wide bore pipette tips.

More info about Wide Bore Pipette Tips:

1. What Is A Wide Bore Pipette Tip?

It’s a specialized type of pipette tip, often referred to as Large Orifice Tips. Envision these tips as having larger openings, designed for efficiently handling dense substances like gels and oils. Laboratories use them to smoothly extract viscous liquids, ensuring the safeguarding of delicate samples and minimizing any potential stress.

2. What Are The Primary Applications of Wide Bore Tips?

Wide bore tips find essential roles in various laboratory tasks, including cell culture work, DNA and RNA procedures, protein-related research, handling viscous liquids, and other diverse applications.