Pipette Tips for LTS

We provide sterile pipette tips designed specifically for use with LTS™ pipettors. These tips are perfectly compatible with Rainin LTS™ single and multi-channel pipettes, ensuring accurate and dependable liquid dispensing. With clear graduations, tasks become easily observable, enhancing precision in your work.

Pipette tips for rainin LTS pipettors


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More info about Pipette Tips for LTS:

1. What Are Pipette Tips for LTS™?

These tips are crafted exclusively for Rainin LTS™ pipettes, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance. You can pick different capacities based on your sample processing needs.

2. What Are Their Applications?

These alternative LTS tips are often used in laboratory and research settings where precise and accurate liquid handling is essential. They come in handy for tasks in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and other scientific work.

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