Serological Pipettes

Medical-Grade Plastic Serological Pipettes

Being one of the leading serological pipette manufacturers in China for over a decade, we know how to offer the best quality for a reasonable price. We have an automated set up for inserting filters and packaging to bring the cost down further. 

GenFollower also uses general-purpose polystyrene to make serological pipettes as it is transparent and durable but substantially cheaper than glass. Currently, we offer six different sizes, including 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml, and 50ml. 


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Even More info about Serological Pipettes:

What Are Serological Pipettes?

With serological pipettes, you can transfer liquids measured in milliliters (ml). Usually, these pipettes come with graduation on the side, making it easy to measure precise quantities.

What Are Serological Pipettes Used For?

Serological pipettes are extremely efficient when it comes to mixing cell suspensions. But, you can also use them to mix reagents and chemicals. These pipettes are useful in moving colonies of cells for additional analysis during treatment or isolation of cell cultures. Furthermore, you can use these pipettes to layer reagents to create density gradients like a ficoll gradient that refines blood plasma.