Serological Pipettes

1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25ml and 50ml

The raw material of our plastic serological pipettes are PS (full name: general purpose polystyrene), the transparency of this plastic is excellent, meanwhile, the cost is very smaller than glass. So it is why researchers prefer it.

As being the serological pipettes manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we know the competitive price is very important in this field, so to have advantage over competitors in the cost, we purchased automatic machine to insert filter and packing, it saves much labor cost in this way.

Currently, The capacity of our serological pipettes from 1mL to 50mL, totally 6 sizes. And there are 2 different types: normal one and the wider-bore, laboratories usually require more normal than wider-bore ones.

Even More info about Serological Pipettes:

What Are Serological Pipettes?
Serological pipettes are laboratory instruments that transmit liquids measured in volume by ml. Typically, these pipettes come with graduations on the side that help measure the liquid being dispensed or extracted.

What Are Serological Pipettes Used For?
Serological pipettes are extremely efficient when it comes to mixing cell suspensions. They are also used to mix reagents and chemicals. These pipettes are useful in moving colonies of cells for further analysis during treatment or isolation of cell cultures. Further, they’re used for layering reagents to create density gradients like a ficolin gradient that refines blood plasma.