Conical Bottom 5.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes

5.0mL microcentrifuge tube

Conical bottom, high transparency and PCR purity

Designed for medium-sized samples, these 5 ml microcentrifuge tubes can handle sample sizes larger than 2.0ml and smaller than 15ml. They have the same diameter size and identical conical bottom as the 15ml centrifuge tubes. As a result, you can use these 5.0ml centrifuge tubes in almost all standard rotors equipped to fit conical bottom 15mL centrifuge tubes.

Technical Features:

  • Made from high-quality polypropylene, these 5.0ml centrifuge tubes can endure up to 25000xg of centrifugal force. 
  • We manufacture these tubes in a Class 100,000 clean room. So, the 5 ml microcentrifuge tubes are free of human DNA, RNase, and DNase.
  • They are also nonpyrogenic and confer to the latest PCR purity standards.
  • These tubes have leak-proof snap cap locks. It can keep the samples sealed from -86°C to 80°C. You can use an additional cap lock (Cat.# CL25) for better sealing above 80°C. It will prevent the cap from popping up during the process. 

GenFollower currently supplies color-sorted 5.0mL microcentrifuge tubes, except the nature tubes. We also offer black colored 5 ml centrifuge tubes that can serve the purpose of amber microcentrifuge tubes. 

Check out the catalog and note down the number of desired products to help us process your order quickly. For further queries or information, feel free to contact us. 

Size Color Packaging Cat.#
5.0mL Nature 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050
5.0mL Green 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050GR
5.0mL Blue 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050BL
5.0mL Yellow 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050YE
5.0mL Red 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050RE
5.0mL 4 colors Mixed 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050X
5.0mL Black, as amber 200 PCS/Bag MCTB050BK

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