5.0mL micro centrifuge tube

5.0mL microcentrifuge tube

Conical bottom, high transparency and PCR purity

This new 5.0mL micro centrifuge tube is designed for middle size sample (The sample bigger than 2.0mL micro centrifuge tube and smaller than 15mL conical centrifuge tube).

The diameter of this 5.0mL micor tube is the same as15mL centrifuge tube, and they even have identical conical bottom! Therefore, researchers could centrifuge the 5.0mL micro centrifuge tube in almost all standard rotors that fit for conical bottom 15mL centrifuge tubes.

The 5.0mL micro tubes are made of original polypropylene, it ensures the maximum centrifuge force of it is very good, could reach 25,000xg!

All 5.0mL micro tubes are produced in Class 100,000 clean room, No humen DNA, RNase and DNase free, and no pyrogenic, at PCR purity class.

Now, except the nature tube, color sorted 5.0mL micro centrifuge tubes are available for selling.

Some researchers may need tubes in amber, here we would like to let you know: our black tube would meet this special requirement, it also could keep light far from your sample, and we have tested it could work as the same.

Besides, this 5.0mL micro centrifuge tube has very good sealability, it could seal the sample from -86°C to 80°C. And for those applications above temperature 80°C, adding a cap lock (Cat.# CL25) is strongly recommended, then you don’t have to worry the cap will pop up during heating. Please see picture below.

In a word, we believe it will become more and more popular in the near future, as we all know, it’s not bad to be the first one enter this new market. so please don’t hesitate to let us know if it’s interesting for you.

5.0mLNature200 PCS/BagMCTB050
5.0mLGreen200 PCS/BagMCTB050GR
5.0mLBlue200 PCS/BagMCTB050BL
5.0mLYellow200 PCS/BagMCTB050YE
5.0mLRed200 PCS/BagMCTB050RE
5.0mL4 colors Mixed200 PCS/BagMCTB050X
5.0mLBlack, as amber200 PCS/BagMCTB050BK

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