Liquid Handling Workstations

GenFollower always focus on the products with innovation, and we specialize exclusively in cutting-edge scientific equipments. We provide outsanding liquid handling workstations to our international customers.

Liquid Handling Workstation is a better solution for high-throughput manual pipetting with two ranges of 0.5~20 μL (M20) and 5~200 μL (M200), which have been applied in many fields, such as template copying, transferring between 96-well plates and 384-well plates, orifice cleaning, dilution and ELISA / EIA.

Technical Features:

  • Reduce pipetting steps effectively

Our workstations reduce pipetting steps effectively, which takes less than 6 seconds to complete one time of 96-well plate pipetting by hand, and only 4 steps for 384-well plate with 2 times within 1 minute.

  • Increase your data accuracy

These pipetting stations can start or stop the enzymatic reaction or cell experiments at the same time in the 96-well plate. The 96-well plate is simultaneously pipetting, which greatly improves the quality of experiment data such as ELISA, and also eliminates the difference between well to well. It improves the reproducibility from well to well and from plate to plate, and never skips or repeats pipetting.

  • Easy and safe to use

Liquid Handlers provide a ultra-fast pipetting with no programming, no plug-in and no training.

Even More info about Liquid Handling Workstations:

What Are Liquid Handling Workstations Used For?

Cell culture DeviceSet up motherboard-sub-board in a few seconds
Cell analysisUse accurate reagents to split cells by pipetting up to 96 samples
PCR & QPCRPipetting the PCR/QPCR reagent to a 96-well plate
Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assayAdd reagents and start/stop reactions Simultaneously in all 96 wells
Protein crystallographyQuickly allocate buffers to orifice plates for suspension drop method
Drug Compound ScreeningQuickly add sensors, biomolecules and compounds to 96/384-well plates
Sequencing of sample preparationSimultaneous allocate buffers, enzymes and nucleic acids
Sorting the sample cleanAccelerate precipitation and purification via 96-channel pipetting
Standard enzyme AnalysisAccurately pipetting of enzymes, buffers and matrices to orifice plates