10 ml Serological Pipettes with Clear Graduations

Single Package, Gamma Ray Sterile

GenFollower brings you a real-world lab tested high performance 10 ml serological pipette selection at the most affordable costs. The universally compatible design allows you to make quick and precise liquid aliquots transfers from one container to another. 

Technical Features:

  • The nozzle of 10ml serological pipette is made using the same process as the small size (1ml, 2ml) serological pipettes.
  • The 10ml serological pipette is made from original crystal polystyrene.
  • Graduation is 1/10ml, orange ring marks, and difference ±2%.
  • Gamma-ray sterilization is available.
  • The filter is from a USA brand.

Available Packaging: 

Cat.# YSPS10-1 Single Package – 200PCS/box, 6boxes/carton (200×6/carton, total 1200PCS/carton)

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