Pre-Sterilized 25ml Serological Pipettes

Single package, Gamma Ray Sterile

Made from crystal clear polystyrene (PS), our 25ml serological pipettes confer to all the international quality standards. GenFollower now makes them available as individually wrapped pipettes in a carton. 

Technical Features:

  • The raw material of this 25ml serological pipette is crystal polystyrene, which offers excellent durability and transparency.
  • Graduation is 2/10ml with a red ring mark, and the difference is ±2%.
  • Available in gamma-ray sterilized packaging.
  • It comes with an American Porex filter.
  • It allows precisely measured and drop-free pipetting.

Available Packaging: 

Cat.# YSPS25-1 – Single package with 100PCS/box, 6boxes/carton (100×6/carton, total 600PCS/carton)

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