Durable 228mm Long Polypropylene Needles

With these durable 228mm long polypropylene inoculating needles, you can transfer live micro-organisms and cells into flasks and onto Petri plates. These inoculating needles are smooth and flexible, allowing you to spread the samples without damaging the gel. 

Technical Features:

  • Autoclavable at 121ºC. 
  • When pre-sterilized, they are free of detectable DNA, DNase, RNase, heavy metals, and pyrogens.
  • Small rounded and a smooth tip for transferring single colonies. 
  • The design eliminates cross-contamination. 
  • Made from high-quality polypropylene. 
Inoculating needle polypropylene
Inoculating needle PP plastic

Available Packaging:

Cat.#CZ00001 – 10 PCS/Bag, 50 Bags/Case, case size – 38cm X 31cm X 16cm, weight per case – 1.90 Kgs

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