Gamma Ray Sterilized 1ml Serological Pipettes

Single Package, Gamma Ray Sterile

One of our most popular products is the 1ml serological pipettes. We use only high-quality polystyrene, which is more durable and transparent compared to polypropylene.  

Technical Features: 

  • Completely free of detectable DNase, RNase, and human DNA.  
  • Non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic.
  • Available in pre-sterilized packaging. 
  • It comes with high optical clarity.
  • Calibrated to the tip, ensuring precision liquid transfers. 
  • Graduation in 1/100ml, yellow ring mark, and difference ±2%.
  • Gamma-ray sterilized.
  • It comes with an American Porex filter inside.

Available Packaging: 

Cat.# YSPS01-1 – Single Package 300PCS/box, 6boxes/carton (300×6/carton, total 1800PCS/carton)

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