M200 Liquid handling workstation

This M200 simplifies the work of micro-applications such as ELISA, cell analysis, QPCR and protein crystallization during the pipetting 96 holes. It is ergonomically designed, purely manual and virtually without training.

Technical Features:

  • Volume range 5 – 200 μl.
  • A perfect choice for experiments such as ELISA with a volume range of 5-200μL.
  • High reproducibility ensures the accurate experiment data.
  • Simple to use with no programming, no plug-in and no training.
  • Compact size make it suitable for use in any laboratory.
  • Four SBS footprint operating positions.

Technical parameters:

SLAS/ANSI PositionFour
Product Size(L×W×H)320×450×390mm
Volume increment0.2μL
Pipetting TechnologyAir-cushion
Power RequirementsN/A
Accuracy± 1.2%
The accuracy and precision of our products are tested according to internal SOP .
Conditions of testing are as follows:
Location: QA Lab
Ambient Temperature: 15℃~24℃
The Relative humidity: 55%~75%, incondensable
The Air Pressure: 860hPa~1060hPa
Tested Liquid: 20℃ distilled water
Pipetting tips: Ultra low retention pipette tips
Pipetting type: Forward technique
Replace the pipetting tips in each test.

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