PCR Plates

PCR well plates are used in the thermal cyclers broadly. Located in the China, GenFollower became a manufacturer for the PCR plates 8 years ago. And in the year 2014, we started supplying the G2 series of PCR plates.

Currently, we are supplying PCR plates that could fit more than 90% thermal cycler (or called PCR machines) in the market. You would find there are different types of PCR plates available for different brands of thermal cyclers and purpose: Non skirt & half skirt, 0.2mL & 0.1mL, nature color & white PCR plates.

If you are confusing how to choose the right PCR plate, please write to us, we would like to provide the free sample for you to test.

More info about PCR Plates:

What Are PCR Plates?

PCR plates are used in high-throughput screening thermocycler applications due to their compatibility with most thermal cyclers. Their uniform, thin well walls enable precise thermal transfer. The wells are often raised slightly to accommodate sealing mats, film, and foil. They’re also fully autoclavable.