Microcentrifuge Tubes

– Conical bottom to minimize the difference

– Snap cap easy to open and close

– Original polypropylene with excellent chemical resistance

More details:

As being centrifuge tubes manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, we are the company who knows Polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes better than other companies. Currently, 4 size of micro centrifuge tubes are being supplied. They are 0.5mL, 1.5ml, 2.0ml and 5.0mL. Some researchers may call these EP tubes.

All of these microcentrifuge tubes are made of virgin PP, could be autoclavable at 121°C. Now every size is universal fitness, could work with centrifuges and mini centrifuges very well, normal speed and high speed centrifuge tube. Currently, the microcentrifuge tube of best market is the size 1.5mL one, with the affordable price, it became the best seller in the year 2018!

Please kindly help to let us know catalog number, if you are interested some item, thanks!

Even more info about Microcentrifuge tubes:

What Are Microcentrifuge Tubes Used For?

Microcentrifuge tubes are used to handle small volumes (2ml – 5ml) of liquid. They commonly find application in biological and life science laboratories. They fulfill various purposes such as storing samples, running reactions, spinning samples, and separating samples. Different kinds of microcentrifuge tubes are used for different tasks and procedures.