Sterile Polypropylene Microcentrifuge Tubes

GenFollower is a leading microcentrifuge tubes manufacturer in China for more than a decade. We specialize in making quality low binding microcentrifuge tubes at affordable rates. 

Technical Features:

  • The universally compatible design allows you to use these tubes with almost all microcentrifuge brands.
  • Conical bottom design ensures efficient sample segregation. 
  • Easy to open and close with snap cap design. 
  • Made from original polypropylene with excellent chemical resistance. 
  • The1.5ml microcentrifuge tube was our best seller in the year 2018!

Currently, we offer four different sizes of sterile microcentrifuge tubes, including 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml, and 5.0ml. Take your pick from the inventory and share the catalog number to process your order quickly.


Datasheet document of product.



Datasheet document of product.


Even more info about Microcentrifuge tubes:

What Are Microcentrifuge Tubes Used For?

Microcentrifuge tubes come in handy to store the samples (suspensions and immiscible liquids) that are to be isolated and separated using a microcentrifuge. Usually, these tubes can handle small sample volumes. Researchers use different types of microcentrifuge tubes for different tasks and procedures.