25mL Centrifuge Tubes

On the basis of 50mL, people designed the original 25mL centrifuge tube. As we know, usually we need an adapter to use the tube, which makes the use process more cumbersome and increases the use budget. Our team noticed this issue. After repeated tests, here’s a solution: a new 25ml centrifuge tube (doesn’t need for an adapter).


  1. Frosted design on the lid simulates the writing feel on paper, which makes writing smoothly.
  2. The circular drop on the lids for easy labeling.
  3. Thread extension is ergonomically designed to reduce the fatigue of screwing the lid.
  1. The ring design makes it fit the 50ml rotor and could protect the lid during centrifugation. After repeated tests, it can withstand high centrifuge speeds enduring up to 12,000xg.
  2. Clear scales and highly visible marking areas.
  3. Scale lines at the conical bottom make it also suitable for the operation of small-volume liquids.
  1. Short and wide tube body allows the tips deeper into the bottom, which results in a pipetting loss as low as 0.01%
  2. Shorter pipette-immersion depth & larger diameter reduce the risk of contamination.
  3. Made by virgin PP, withstand temperature: -86℃ to 100℃.
  4. Sterile, pyrogen-free, DNase-free, RNase-free and DNA-free.


  1. It is an ideal choice for centrifugation, mixing or storage volumes larger than 15mL but much smaller than 50mL.
  2. The thick diameter is more conducive to cell/bacteria culture, which could greatly improve the culture efficiency of your experiments.
  3. The large contact area facilitates suspended particle testing.
  4. Its larger initial volume is important for experiments with low-replicating plasmids.

Available Packaging:

Cat.# CTB25BL – bagged 25mL centrifuge tube, conical bottom, 25 pieces/bag, 8 bags/Case, totally 200 pieces/Case.

Cat.# CTF25BL – racked 25mL centrifuge tube, conical bottom, 25 pieces/rack, 8 racks/Case, totally 200 pieces/Case.

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