PCR Tubes

Thin-walled PCR Single Tubes

Ensuring efficient and uniform heat transfer becomes a lot easier with our range of PCR tubes. Thanks to our advanced molding technology, GenFollower can offer you high-quality and uniformly thin-wall PCR tubes at the most competitive prices. 

These sterile PCR tubes come with a leakage-proof snap-cap. It allows you to prevent evaporation during the reaction, ensuring accurate results. We use only virgin polypropylene to manufacture the following types of PCR strip tubes. 

Types of PCR Reaction Tubes We Offer:

  • 0.1mL Optical Cap PCR Tube
  • 0.2mL Flat Optical Cap PCR Tube
  • 0.2mL Flat Cap PCR Tube
  • 0.2mL Domed Cap PCR Tube
  • 0.5mL Flat Cap PCR Tube


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More info about PCR Tubes:

What Are PCR Tubes?

PCR tubes are small tubes made of high-quality virgin polypropylene with a conical bottom and snap-cap lead. They have uniform thin walls to facilitate efficient heat transfer to the sample. These tubes are autoclavable and work well with most thermal cyclers.

What Are the Applications of PCR Tubes?

The most common application of PCR tubes includes various molecular biology biochemistry experiments requiring real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction). As these tubes have ultra-thin walls, they are perfect for accurate and steady thermal transfer in an array of thermocyclers. Our thin-wall PCR tubes meet the protocols required for PCR, qPCR, reverse transcriptions, and a variety of other applications.