PCR Tubes

The raw material of our individual PCR tube is a kind of specific PP (Full name: polypropylene). Compared with other PCR consumables, like strips or plates, the price of the PCR tubes is usually the best because of molding cost. Currently, we have 2 size for PCR tubes: 0.2mL & 0.5mL.

Now We are supplying 4 kinds of individual PCR reaction tubes.

  • 0.2mL flat optical cap PCR tube
  • 0.2mL flat cap PCR tube
  • 0.2mL domed cap PCR tube
  • 0.5mL flat cap PCR tube

More info about PCR Tubes:

What Are PCR Tubes Used For?
PCR tubes are used in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and real-time PCR experiments. These tubes have ultra-thin walls, which make them ideal for accurate and steady thermal transfer in an array of thermocyclers. Thin-wall PCR Tubes meet protocols for PCR, qPCR, reverse transcription, and a variety of other applications.

What Are PCR Tubes?
PCR tubes come with uniform, smooth, and thin walls made of high-quality virgin polypropylene to enable efficient heat transfer to the sample. These tubes are autoclavable and work well with most thermal cyclers.