Centrifuge Tubes

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For over a decade, we’ve been among the top plastic centrifuge tube manufacturers in China. Therefore, we understand the importance of well-priced, high-quality centrifuge tubes.

At the moment, we offer tubes with a conical bottom and free-standing tubes, both in 15ml and 50ml sizes.

All our centrifuge tubes are of high quality and have more cavities than other similar products. Their greatest advantages are:

● The tubes are made of virgin PP, which is an exceptional, chemical-resistant material.
● They’re autoclavable — they can endure the temperature of up to 121°C.
● They can endure incredible centrifuge speeds — up to 12,000g for 15ml tubes, and 9,500g for 50ml tubes.
● It’s easy to write on these tubes — they feature white graduation and a large blank area.
● Tube caps are available in different colors, so mixing them up is virtually impossible.

If you’re interested in these first-rate tubes, all you need to do is find their number in the catalogue and sent it over to us.

More info about Centrifuge Tubes:

What Are Centrifuge Tubes?

Centrifuge tubes are commonly used in laboratories with centrifuges, which are machines that spin samples at very high velocity for a set amount of time and segregate solid and liquid chemical solutions. Thanks to their tapered tips, they look a lot like mini test tubes. They can be made of either plastic or glass.

What Are Centrifuge Tubes Used For?

Centrifuge tubes are used for separating solids, liquids, and gases, depending on their density. Solid particles can be separated from liquid mediums such as plasma and blood cells. This is done by spinning a container carrying the material at a very high speed, leading the centrifugal force to push heavier materials out of the container.