235mm Long Plastic Culture Scrapers with 13mm Blade

With these 235mm long plastic cell scrapers having a 13mm blade, harvesting cells from flasks and Petri dishes becomes a lot easier. GenFollower has designed these small plastic scrapers to ensure maximum cell lifting with minimal damage. We follow all the essential international manufacturing standards. 

Technical Features:

  • Available in individually wrapped packaging.
  • Gamma-irradiated per-sterilization. 
  • Pre-sterilized units are free of DNA, DNase, RNase, and endotoxins (pyrogens).
Plastic culture scraper, 235mL long, blade 13mm in width

Available Packaging:

Cat.#GD00235 – 200 PCS/Case (100 PCS/Bag, 2 Bags/Case), case size -38cm X 31cm C 16cm, weight per case – 2.62 Kgs.

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