0.1mL PCR tubes.

We are thrilled to present our newest product—the 0.1mL Optical PCR Tube, featuring a new 0.1mL volume capacity to meet the needs of experiments with smaller amounts of liquid.

Catering to a range of research needs, we’re excited to unveil our latest innovation—the 0.1mL Optical PCR Tube, where the standout feature is its new 0.1ml volume capacity.

Crafted from premium polypropylene, this tube boasts a uniform and ultra-thin wall, ensuring precise heat transfer during the experiment. Moreover, its standard tube style is compatible with popular PCR instruments like Applied Biosystems, Eppendorf and Bio Rad, making it the go-to-choice for PCR and fluorescence quantitative experiments.

To enhance convenience and reliability, our product is packaged in a sealed bag, guaranteeing DNase, RNase, and pyrogen-free conditions, assuring purity during storage.

Ready for supply, please visit our website at https://www.genfollower.com/0-1ml-pcr-tubes/ for further details.