25mL Eco Friendly Centrifuge Tube

GenFollower has always pursued high-quality innovative products. We create this product from the real needs of our customers. And here are the reasons to choose us.

1. Compared with 50mL centrifuge tube, 25mL tube uses less PP to make it eco-friendly.

2. Frosted top simulates the writing feel on paper, which makes writing smoothly.

3. Thread extension is ergonomically designed to reduce the fatigue of opening lids.

4. Big white writing area is convenient for recording and distinguishing different tubes.

5. Annular fits 50mL rotors of centrifuge when speed<12,000xg, so no adapter needs.

6. Scale lines at the bottom makes it suitable for small-volume liquids operation.

7. Short and wide body allows tip deep into the bottom, reducing pipetting loss till 0.01%.

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