Filter Pipette Tips

Our filter pipette tips are universal compatible, work well with many popular micropipettes.

PCR purity barrier tips, the filter could be resistant to aerosol, avoid contamination during PCR.

Now, 2 kinds of package could be chosen, one is normal packing: 96 tips/rack, the other is economical packing: 1,000 tips/bag.

As a filter pipette tips manufacturer in China for more than 10 years, filter tips is the first product when we enter the market. With richer experience after long term producing, now we know how to make the quality and price of these filter pipette tips more competitive in the market.

Currently, GenFollower are supplying 10 kinds of filter pipette tips, 10uL, 10uL (long), 10uL (Finpipette), 20uL, 50uL, 100uL, 100uL (long), 200uL, 1000ul, 1250uL and 5mL. These filter pipette tips are universal compatibility, could work very well with many popular micropipettes, such as Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermofisher finpipette, CAPP and etc.

Why need filter? – When pipette tips equipped with filter, it could help researchers to keep their pipettors away from cross contamination very well. Because the filter could be consistant to aerosol into the pipet.

More features with these filter pipette tips:

  • The filter inside the pipette tips are made of material porous PE, it stops aerosol and allow the liquid of sample go through. But the self sealing filter is also available (Once the water touch the filter, it stops all liquid below the filter).
  • All of filter pipette tips are manufactured in Class 100,000 clean room, the smart production line make sure less touch during the process, then ensure DNase, RNase free and endotoxin free, No human DNA.
  • You will find color sorted labels on the surface of the tips’ rack. It makes very convenient for researcher to find the right one at the first sight!

If you are interested in some items, please kindly help to let us know its catalog number, thanks!

Even More info about Filter Tips:

Why Use Filter Pipette Tips?
Filter pipettes serve a dual purpose. They protect pipettes from the aerosols that are created when fluids are aspirated into pipette tips. Further, they protect the samples from aerosols in the pipettes that may have been created as a result of previous pipetting procedures.

When To Use Filter Pipette Tips?
Filter pipette tips are ideal for use in contamination-sensitive molecular biology applications. The help reduce the likelihood of aerosol formation in laboratories. They shield pipette shafts from contamination. The filter barrier deters PCR contamination by preventing sample carryover from the pipette.