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E Series Pipette Tips

GenFollower, a prominent manufacturer of disposable pipette tips, is proud to introduce our innovative E series. This new line brings several advantages to enhance your laboratory experience.

GenFollower, a prominent manufacturer of disposable pipette tips, is proud to introduce our innovative E series. This new line brings several advantages to enhance your laboratory experience.


ECO Friendly Design

The E series micro pipette tips feature an entirely new design, not only in the tips but also in the racks. Consider the 200uL pipette tip – it’s approximately 20% lighter than competing brands. Furthermore, we’ve reimagined the wafer design. The E series 1000uL wafer is only 1.5mm thick, significantly lighter than counterparts from other brands. Moreover, both the tips and racks are crafted from recyclable medical-grade polypropylene.

SBS Standard Footprint

We supply manual liquid handling workstations designed for high-throughput screening, featuring an SBS footprint. Our pipette tip racks seamlessly integrate with the station without requiring any additional adapters.

Three new designs for enhanced precision

a. Improved Fit

We’ve made the entrance wall of our pipette tips thinner, allowing for flexible fitting on various pipettors. This enhances overall compatibility.

b. More Graduations

We’ve made the entrance wall of our pipette tips thinner, allowing for flexible fitting on various pipettors. This enhances overall compatibility.

c. Micro Point Precision

We’ve made the entrance wall of our pipette tips thinner, allowing for flexible fitting on various pipettors. This enhances overall compatibility.

Filtered Pipette Tips Available

In liquid handling operations, preventing cross-contamination is crucial. Typically, the primary source of contamination is aerosol, making aerosol resistance essential. That’s why filter tips, also known as aerosol-resistant tips or ART barrier pipette tips, are a necessity. GenFollower offers a range of filter pipette tips in various sizes. Produced in a 100,000-class cleanroom with automatic machines, these tips are contamination-free, ensuring they are DNase, RNase, ATP, and pyrogen-free.

Filtered pipette tips are the ideal choice for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), DNA extraction, and any genomic study. Additionally, we can accommodate special requirements, including double-level filters and self-sealed filters, to meet the unique needs of researchers.

Improved Universal Compatibility

We’ve streamlined the structure of the entrance and reduced the wall thickness of our pipette tips in the E series.

This enhancement ensures compatibility with almost all popular brands of manual pipettes, including but not limited to Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo, CAPP, BRAND, Dlab, and more. Now, the E series is designed to work seamlessly across a wide range of well-known pipette brands.

Excellent Low retention performance

We understand that researchers prefer cost-effective low retention pipette tips to conserve valuable reagents and enhance accuracy. Some may call these tips low binding or lobind pipette tips. Historically, these tips could be expensive, deterring smaller laboratories, institutions, or hospitals from investing.

However, with our E series, we’ve addressed this by increasing production efficiency. More cavities and automated filling processes have allowed us to offer affordable low retention pipette tips without compromising quality. Now, with the E series, you get the best of both worlds – cost-effectiveness and top-notch performance.

Autoclavable Assurance

Our E series Pipette tips without filters and their accompanying racks can undergo sterilization with hot steam at 121°C in an autoclave. This makes them truly autoclavable pipette tips, ensuring reliable sterilization for your laboratory needs.

Multichannel Pipettor Friendly

Our E series Pipette tips are designed with both user comfort and efficiency in mind. The thinner wall at the tip’s entrance reduces the force required to attach them to pipettors. Additionally, we’ve incorporated a height difference next to the wafer in the rack. This makes it easier for researchers when loading tips on pipettors with less than 8 or 12 channels, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Enhanced Sterilization Assurance

At GenFollower, we provide sterile pipette tips, with a particular focus on our racked pipette tips. Unlike competitors who use heat shrink film to seal racks, which may result in small holes, our E series utilizes food-grade plastic bags for sealing. This approach eliminates the risk of leakage, ensuring genuine pre-sterilization. Additionally, the convenience of tearing the bag saves valuable time for researchers, making the process more efficient.

Versatile Packaging for Different Needs

When it comes to pipette tips without filter, we offer four packaging options. Bagged pipette tips are typically non-sterile, while racked pipette tips are usually sterile. The pipette tips refill system and single wafer refill pack are also available, both typically sterile. For pipette tips with filters, you can choose from bagged, racked, or single wafer refill pack options.

Notably, the E series introduces a tailored approach by minimizing the quantity per pack to 5 racks instead of the standard 10 racks. This adjustment is in response to the observed slow consumption of tips in some labs, providing a more convenient option for their specific needs.

Color-Coded Convenience

Our standard offering includes pipette tips in their natural color, which is the raw material polypropylene color. This is often referred to as white, clear, or transparent pipette tips by researchers.

However, we want to inform you that we also provide yellow and blue pipette tips for those who prefer color-coded options. Choose the color that suits your preferences and makes your lab work even more convenient.

Sizes of E Series Pipette Tips without Filter

These E series pipette tips come with length extended or long reach options, catering to diverse laboratory needs for different volumes and applications.


Future Plan…

We have an exciting addition in the pipeline! We’re planning to introduce a new wafer type designed to hold bevelled pipette tips and LTS pipette tips. This expansion aims to enhance compatibility and meet the evolving needs of our users. Stay tuned for the upcoming advancements in our product offerings.

Our Manufacturing Strengths

Decades of Expertise

Since 1990, we’ve been perfecting plasticware production and molding. With years of hands-on experience, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the industry, adapting to new technologies and customer demands along the way. Our journey has taught us valuable lessons, helping us refine our processes and deliver top-notch products that meet your needs.

Stringent Quality Certifications

We’re proud to have earned ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, showing how seriously we take quality and reliability. These certifications mean that we’re committed to making sure our products meet high standards every time. With ISO 9001, we make sure our quality management systems are strong, ensuring our products meet industry standards and customer needs. And with ISO 13485, we promise to maintain top quality in making medical devices, guaranteeing safe and dependable products for healthcare workers and patients.

Exceptional Cleanliness

At our facilities, cleanliness isn’t just something we aim for—it’s a promise. When you step inside, you’ll find a certified Class 100,000 clean room, carefully maintained to meet the highest hygiene standards. With modern automated assembly machines, our hands-free processes minimize the risk of contamination, ensuring everything stays clean from start to finish. We keep a close eye on every step to make sure we deliver products that are pure and top-quality.

Skilled Molding Team

Our expert team is really good at designing pipette tips of all sizes. We use top-notch tools, including precision equipment from Sweden, to make sure our molding is super accurate. Our original injection machines from Japan are key to maintaining the high standards of our pipette tips.

We strongly believe that creating top-quality products starts with the careful design of molds. We’re passionate about what we do and committed to setting the bar for precision and reliability in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Researchers often use pipette tips in chemistry, biology, and medical laboratories with pipettes and pipettors for transferring precise volumes of liquids. The low retention pipette tips allow you to make transfers without the risk of cross-contamination. They can be disposable and autoclavable media dispensers. 

You can reuse pipette tips for dispensing the same reagent. Their readability also depends on the following.

  • The quality of the pipette tips.
  • The type of material you are pipetting.
  • The cleaning method you are using.