0.2ml 96 Well PCR Plates with Black Graduation

DNase and RNase free, No human DNA, endotoxin free (Non pyrogenic), pre-sterilized

Half skirt and color nature

Used in PCR and qPCR applications, these 0.2ml 96 well PCR plates offer superior thermal cycling performance. Half-skirted and natural colored, they are available in pre-sterilized packaging. 

Technical Features:

  • They can work with an extremely optical seal film (Cat.#QPCR96F) or PCR 8 cap (Cat.#PCR-B8GC).
  • They are completely RNase, DNase, heavy metals, and human DNA-free and non-pyrogenic. 
  • They are available in pre-sterilized packaging. 
  • They are autoclavable at 121°C.
  • Clear graduation marks make it easy to identify samples. 
  • Designed to facilitate homogenous heat transfer.
  • Optically clear skirt.
  • Maximum sample recovery.
  • Tight sealing. 
  • Suitable for PCR, qPCR, or Real-Time PCR.
0.2mL PCR plate with black graduation

Available Packaging:

Cat.#A96WS-02PN – 15 pieces/box, 10 boxes/case, case size – 50cm X 41.5cm X 16.5cm, weight per case – 5.20 Kgs

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