About GenFollower

Located in China, GenFollower is the industry leading company offering services in the field of laboratory plastic consumables. We specialize in the manufacturing and whole sale supply of plastic laboratory consumables. Initially, we started off as a factory for plastic molding in year 1990, but then we narrowed down our production line to plastic lab consumables. Our product line covers a wide range of disposable lab plastics such as pipette tips, racks, barrier tips, micro centrifuge tubes (especially EP tubes), PCR plastics, centrifugation tubes, cryo tubes, serological pipettes and boxes. These lab consumables are prepared under all EHS requirements (Environment, health and safety), to ensure that our products are environment and consumer friendly.

• Our Location

We are located in Shaoxing city (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaoxing), towards the eastern region of China. Our nearness to sea port puts us in the most viable position to export our products to many countries. Thus, our customers around the globe can purchase our products with cost effective rates and shipping charges. Being in the central hub, our location is also suitable for domestic shipping such as to Shanghai or Ningbo, which takes 2 hours from Shaoxing City.

• Our Current Business Status

With a prosperous business growth, our sales go up to 30% every year alongside our business expansion towards both developing and develop countries. Our customer base has also widened as our quality assured products have managed to satisfy them over time. Our manufacturing processes are certified with EHS standards where we have Clean room (dust free, Class 100,000 manufacturing conditions) with an extensive set up for R &D (Research and Development) operations. Our team comprises of researchers and engineers from different fields that help us to manufacture top quality disposable lab plastic consumables.

• Our Future Plans

As aforementioned, we have been dealing in molding operations since our inception. Therefore, with this skill set, we are planning to expand our product base by starting the manufacturing of full range of plastic lab ware. Thus, our company endeavors to develop into one stop solution for all kinds of lab plastic consumables so that our customers can have the best buying experience with us.

We assure you that our product range is guaranteed with quality and durability, which can help you to setup labs of all kinds with the right instruments. If you are looking for most feasible and trustworthy lab plastics supplier for your lab plastic consumables, then there isn’t any better option than GenFollower!