Empty Tip Racks

Think of these empty tip racks as a smart choice when you’re using a refill system for your tips. By opting for these racks, you not only save money for the lab but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. You get to pick between two materials, polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC), depending on what you need. And if you prefer using bagged tips, feel free to choose that option as well.

The Difference:

  • PC material rack: can be autoclaved, handles high temperatures and high-pressure sterilization well, maintains its shape.
  • PP material rack: can also be autoclaved, but lightweight and convenient for carrying, cost of it is competitive.

More info about Empty Tip Rack:

1. What’s an empty tip rack?

An empty tip rack is a container in the lab where you put your pipette tips.

2. Why do you need an empty pipette tip rack?

If you get pipette tips from a bag or a reload system, you need an empty rack to put them in for pipetting. It’s not just about keeping things tidy—it helps stop cross-contamination between different pipette tips. Plus, it makes pipetting with those pipettors super efficient!

3. Using a Pipette Tip Rack with Reloading System

Usage guide of Ecolayer refill system tips.