Plastic Pasteur Pipettes

Individual package available!

The disposable plastic pasteur pipettes are made of high quality LDPE, every one was produced in the medical class work shop.

  • With graduation
  • paper-plastic individual package, pre-sterilized.

Please kindly help to let us know catalog number if you are interested in some item, thanks!

1mL pasteur pipette

Maximum graduation 1mL

3mL pasteur pipette

Maximum graduation 3mL

Maximum graduation 3mL

Maximum graduation 3mL

Even More info about Pasteur Pipettes:

What Are Plastic Pasteur Pipettes?

Named after French scientist, Louis Pasteur, these pipettes are also known as droppers or eye droppers. They are narrow, and come fitted with a rubber bulb on top. Plastic Pasteur pipettes help in transferring small quantities of liquids while preventing contamination from the environment.