5ml filter tips, large entrance

GenFollower manufactures premium large volume pipette tips in China. They are carefully designed to perfectly fit Eppendorf, Gilson, CAPP pipettes, and more, ensuring seamless compatibility. Their precise graduations will facilitate your experiments.

  • Compatible with Gilson and Rainin UNV pipettors
  • Sterile, Dnase, Rnase and DNA free

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Volume 5mL
Material PP
Color Nature
Length 130mm
Compatibility Gilson, Rainin UNV
Packaging Racked, Bagged
MOQ 1 Case
Sterile Yes
Type Packaging CAT. Number
Common Racked Column 3 Value
Common Bagged Column 3 Value 2
Low Retention Racked Column 3 Value 3
Low Retention Bagged Column 3 Value 4