Internally Threaded 2.0ml Cryo Tubes with Round Bottom

Call it 1.80mL or 2.0mL

We offer best in class internally-threaded 2.0ml cryo tubes made from a unique blend of high-quality polypropylene. GenFollower adheres to Class 100,000 cleanroom standards during the manufacturing process. With these cryotubes, you can store your valuable samples without risking contamination or losing the molecular integrity. 

Technical Features:

  • All cryovials are made of 100% virgin polypropylene.
  • They are autoclavable at 121°C. 
  • They can withstand temperatures down to -196°C.
  • They have an O-ring made from medical-grade silicon for leakage proof.
  • They are pre-sterilized and non-pyrogenic.
  • They have very low nucleic acid and protein binding affinity. 
  • They are free of detectable DNase, RNase, radioactive chemicals, heavy metals, and endotoxins.
  • They are suitable for short, medium, and long term storage in liquid nitrogen. 
  • They have writing areas large enough to accommodate detailed sample information. 
  • They have clear graduation marks for precise sample volume transfers.
2.0mL internal threads U bottom cryo tube

Available Packaging:

Cat.# CT0026 Package – 50 PCS/bag, 20 bags/carton (50 x 20/carton, total 1000 PCS per carton).

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