>>>External Threads 2.0mL Cryogenic Tube
External Threads 2.0mL Cryogenic Tube2018-09-05T09:58:42+00:00

1.8mL/2.0mL Cryogenic tube

External thread

This 2.0mL cryogenic tube is external thread and self standing, the maximum graduation is 1.80mL, so it also work as 1.80mL cryo vial. There is white blank on tube for researcher to mark something. It’s made of special polypropylene(PP), Work temperature is down to -196 °C.

external threads 2.0mL cryogenic tube
  • Cat.# CT0018, Package: 50PCS/bag, 20bags/carton (50 x 20/carton, 1000PCS per carton totally).
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