Long 10ul filter tip

Long reach design

This one of 10uL filter tip is long reach tip, when equipped onto pipette, it could reach bottom of 1.50ml microcentrifuge tube. It’s universal tip too, for both single channel and multi channel pipette. It is made of particular polypropylene(PP). so it makes autoclave and low retention, micro point and graduated, therefore, make scientist working effortlessly.

Long 10uL barrier tip

BAGGED: Cat.# FTB10-10, 1000tips/bag, 10bags/carton(1000 x 10/carton, 10,000tips/carton totally).
RACKED: Cat.# FTR10-96, 96tips/rack, 10racks/unit, 5units/carton(96 x 10 x 5/carton, 4800tips/carton totally).

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