E Series Pipette Tips

Introducing the e-series pipette tips – 100% new-designed eco-friendly tips crafted by GenFollower. These tips are designed with the planet in mind, using less plastic. They’re not just for pipettors – they also work smoothly with pipetting stations, thanks to their SBS/ANSI-SLAS standard footprint design.

Key Features Include:

  • Green Design: Less plastic, more planet-friendly.
  • SBS/Ansi Compatibility: Compatible with pipetting stations and enhances pipetting efficiency.
  • Multi-Channel Pipettors Friendly: Especially ideal for Gilson 12-channel pipettors.
  • Easy Liquid Handling: Small tip bore for smooth micro-liquid work.
  • Sterile Packaging: Each tip is sealed and sterilized, ready for use.

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E series - New designed pipette tips.


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More info about E Series Pipette Tips:

1. What Makes The E Series Special?

Its dual compatibility – these tips not only fit popular pipettors perfectly such as Eppendorf and Gilson, but also work effectlessly with workstations due to the SBS/ANSI-SLAS footprint rack. This means they’re super easy to use and great for various tasks, especially if you’re using our M20/M200 liquid handling systems.

2. What Choices Are Available to Me?

We’ve got a diverse range of options designed to meet your specific needs.
Capacity: 10-1250uL; Tip Type: common or low retention tips; Packaging: Choose from racked, bagged, or refill system options.

3. What Are The Applications of E Series Pipette Tips?

These tips, ranging from 10uL to 1250uL, are often used in labs for things like PCR tests. They help handle liquids precisely when measuring and transferring stuff like reagents and DNA. Plus, they’re useful in other lab jobs in fields such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and microbiology.